PLC Programming

We have a large archive of programs that we have created over the years. Our approach to programming is based on our knowledge of programming in general.

Control Panel Design

Let our team design and build your next electrical control system from the ground up. We use popular top down design techniques to do the job right the first time.

HMI Programming

HMI or Human Machine Interface programming refers to the development and deployment of HMI software. Think of HMI as a graphical user interface that allows controlled user interaction with you process.

Electrical Programming

This service refers to the programming of electrical devices including servo systems, drives, operator interface displays, and robotics. We are very experienced with all platforms of Allen-Bradley PLCs and HMIs.

Computer Programming

Let us create custom Data Acquistion/SCADA software for your manufacturing facility. We’ve been programming for many years and are up-to-date with all the new languages, including, C, C#, Java, VB.

Maintenance Support

We provide system engineering support services, both scheduled and on-call. If your facility has a breakdown and your maintenance personnel are having difficulties getting the problem resolved, call us and our experienced controls engineers can quickly identify the root cause.

Project Management

We manage projects of all sizes and scope. Let us prepare your scope design documents, tendering, customer relations, and bill-of-material lists for your next project.

IT Services

Let our team of IT professionals perform your preventative maintenance tasks with 24/7 monitoring of servers, desktops and laptops. Protect yourself and your mission critical data from unforeseen disasters leveraging both on-premise and cloud technologies.